Monday, December 25, 2006

Help needed. One storm hit hard. Lots of debris still about.

We have finished the unwrapping of gifts. And as normal. We have outdone ourselves. With the help of granparents and my brother and sister in law.

My daughter has already said this is the best Christmas ever. Of course the highlights are the refridgerators in their rooms. Her Nintendo DS, Heely's and the little critter called called...Chocolate Chip. Personally, I wanted to call him Plasma. She did afterall ask for a 4.5 inch Plasma. Or was it a fourty-five inch plasma?

I saved the above post thinking I would actually post it on Christmas. Ooops.

My son has also called this the best Christmas ever. He got several top item things like a refridgerator, camera and Heely's. Then today we topped it off by his sister floating him the cash to get his own rodent. Well, it's a guinea pig too. His name is.....I don't know what the name is. I heard a dozen or som names on the way home.

Me, I asked for a few things. I got an iPod. I was pretty happy to have that. My mom and dad hooked me up with some cash for my goal of a new (to me) digital camera. I have one, but I am exceeding the limits for the types of pictures I shoot most often.

My wife got a few small things. Her big gift was a car a month ago. Granted it wasn't really a Christmas present. It was a reward for getting a promotion. We tied it together. Sort of.

We had a merry Christmas. I hope you all did too.

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