Friday, December 01, 2006

Looking back, seeing forward

It's December and I am getting ready to begin my 2006 year in review.
Last year I put together a vanity book of our own family's year in review. This year will be pretty much the same but I hope it's better.
I will begin reviewing the 30,000 images I shot over the past year and put them in a book to be printed in January.
It's a precursor to a project I am putting together for our town. I will be working with another pro photographer here in town on a two major projects. One is a directory/yearbook for our small town of 1600 people. I want to take pictures of everyone in town in their home and/or work environment. If they would like to submit a story for the "yearbook" then we would accept a small paragraph of what it is that they do or their view of the town. The other project is a "Day in the Life" book for our town. We are going to try and pick a day we can shoot for 24 hours straight in our town to see what it is that everyone does. We may also try and get other people, everyone or a handful, to shoot pictures for the book too. Part of the sales of this "Day in the Life" book will go towards the revitalization of our downtown area.
They are some fun projects that just need a little planning and some forward momentum. I can always come up with the ideas and the excitement. It's the follow through that I have problems with. It must be my mild ADD. LOL (Make sense though).

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