Thursday, December 07, 2006

Overcome the obstacles was setup by the parents of Nicholas Green (seven years old) who was killed during a robbery in 1994 while on vacation in Italy.

Parents Reg and Maggie Greenhad his organs donated and the effects are wide ranging and continue like dominoes.

Back to our story:
We still don't know what is going to happen now that there are no more (live family/relatated ) donors. There are stories of people feeling that this is what they need to do. I hope for one of those.
My current feelings are of despair. Mostly since I just got done reading stories related to organ donation and childhood illnesses or accidents.

.mmmm, great holiday reading.

If you have a conversation, please bring up the question if that other person is an organ donor. While your other party in the conversation may be surprised at the question, it may bring about a pleasant response.

I will be doing just the same and posting what I find out here on the blog. use the comments section here to post your responses. Share the link.

Obstacles....what obstacles?
About two years ago I got involved with our towns revitalization board. It was a reinvention of a past cause, so to speak. We have applied for a 501(c)(3) but havn't received the status yet. Paperwork you know. Well, it started out very fast and we were hitting hard but no fruit was being born of our labors. Times slow down ither things come up, but we kept going.
Last week, we received notice that our organization was given a $40,000 grant to purchase the last standing railroad station on the former Western Pennsylvania RR line. The money will go towards buying and renovating the station. It will then become our crown jewel of the revitalization board (we are actually the Burgettstown Area Community Development Corporation), BACDC for short. Once the building is purchased, people will then be able to realize it's for real. After the 501(c)(3)
is obtained we can then go after more bigger money to revitalize our downtown.
What obstacle...we had to endure years of scars and a "we ain't never done that before" attitude. So may people around here have sat on their proverbial thumbs up their asses and watched the town decay to it's present state. But when some intelligent enthusiastic people try to make changes to add prosperity, everyone runs to their holes (you pick the hole) and hides. I can't wait for spring so we can process this through the system and get this snowball in hell rolling.

What does that have to do with anything. It's the attitude stupid. Both sides of any coin have issues. But with this organ donation, I am trying to stay the path of the perseverance. My visions of grandeur have not faltered and I still see a BIG picture. Maybe my quest to actually donate my own liver didn't pan out, but there is still in issue with organ donation.

Thousands of people die every day. A scant percentage of them are organ donors. With my own Hemochromotosis I may need a liver some day. Perhaps a heart too. (But mine is pretty good already) LOL

Right now the US has laws called Informed Consent that assumes you will not be an organ donor when you die and it is up to the next of kin to make a determination or you can determine when you get your drivers license. Some other countries have Presumed Consent that says you will donate upon your death unless you choose NO and/or the next of kin removes the ability to donate.

Of course you can argue both sides (remember the coin). Of course I had very little care about organ donation until it was my turn to be a donor. Even with my long term organ health is in question, it has not changed my opinion of the matter. My family and I are all organ donors.

Some numbers show that a good percentage more people live because of the Presumed Consent laws in other countries.

Yes, I have become a crusader and I will try my best to fulfill that role.

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