Thursday, December 14, 2006

Well that sucks

I have been getting everything ready for the oneaday2007 project in January. Over the weekend I set up an account on then signed up for the Pro account that gives me a little more flexibiltiy in what I do with the photos. Well, in my stupidity, I realized I screwed up when creating the accounts. Here's my event summary.
1) Create flickr account oneaday2006 (because the year 2006 has been ingrained in my head for a year!)
2) Minutes later, sign up for the pro account and pay via credit card.
3) Scream because I used the wrong year in the account and just paid for the damn thing.
4) Search the FAQ and forums to see if the paid account can be transferred to a different account. Well, there were several people asking the same question, but no definative answers. One person was sort of told to wait until the flickr staff can get to his case, which leaves hope.
5) No REAL answer was obvious. (In hindsight, there must have been a mention of it in the Terms of Use).
6) Delete the oneaday2006 account and log back in and create teh oneaday2007 account.


7) Log in and see that the oneaday2007 is not a flickr pro account.


At least I will have some nice business cards with oneaday2006 on them.........and a line in my statement for flickr oneaday2006.

"Dammit Jim, pull your head out of your butt, this isn't rocket science you know!"

P.S. Ana from flickr did email me back to say they will not transfer pro accounts. So I seriously doubt that I will be using flicker for my oneaday2007 project. To much of a loss already. If you use flickr for sharing, think twice so you don't get things messed up.

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