Monday, November 13, 2006

Alone in a sea of humanity

Not sure who said it but it fits.

I haven't heard from ANYONE in over a week-week and a half. Including the photo editor of the Post-Gazette (email and phone messages), the photographer who is suppose to be assigned to me (I have never actually had any contact), an editor of my hometown newspaper (email), the hospital/clinic where I am going for the pre donor appointments nor any of the other bloggers whom I have tried to stay in contact with.

I struck out in DC where I was hoping someone would possibly be willing to help out with a human interest story. It was a loooong shot anyway.
I struck out in my Hollywood contact.

Not sure where the third strike will come from.

Not too optimistic, but my guesses are: my liver (I won't be a match) or work (they won't let me take that much time off with pay) [I don't have short term disability, too small of a company].

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