Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Tension, sounds and reboots, Oh My!

10:40 am I didn’t eat this morning and its taking hold. A bit of a tension headache is building in my neck. Probably from “the tension”, lack of sleep this week and no food this morning.

-beeps, intercom and shuffling of feet outside room 3A.

10:45 am Having issues with the laptop. The cell card isn’t being recognized. It may e related to all the other issues I am having on this laptop. But who knows. I will re-boot a bazillion times to see if it will start working.

10:49 Wondering how the recipient is doing. Hopefully not too bored in waiting area “D.” I called the wife. No answer. She is in another part of the medical complex with one of our kids. I let her know where I am and what’s going on in room 3A. I washed my hands again. I am in a hospital you know. The laptop has rebooted, finally. Let’s see if the card works. It’s recognized and I get 5 bars but it won’t connect. I will pull it out….the card silly…. And reboot (again) then put it back in then see what happens. Oh I love being a hardware tech. I guess my promise to blog as live as I can is vaporware like my quest to have media access.


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