Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Like a stuck pig

12:00 noon BLOOD WORK. Mary did a good job while sticking me. She was in the process of filling 28 different vials for various tests and an extra just to be safe. I was done by 12:15.

According to my schedule, I might actually be done. Or very close to it. My Behavioral Health was moved to Thursday 4:00 pm from today.

Voice mail form the wife says she is still in the hospital waiting for a CT scan of the little one.


12:38 Anesthesia Dr. Boucek stopped by. He was easier to hear and VERY thorough as he explained the procedures of the day if I make it to surgery. He said 1 in 500 donors die after the procedure. Different numbers than 2 in 1500 I heard earlier. I asked him when number 499 was getting done. He didn’t laugh at that. But earlier during a basic checkup, he was checking my pulse, heart rate and lungs and I said I was getting more action from him than my wife. He did laugh at that.

12:59 pm Terri released me for the day. My 4:00 pm Beh Health was moved to Thursday. I reiterated my request fro media access. She said she would have liked to see it happen too. But when pressed (by me) she didn’t exactly say she would go to bat for me. As in press the surgeon to call Media Relations and make a request. I did end by saying “if necessary, I would beg and grovel”. She walked away as I heard I will have to remember that.

Click clack, click clack, click clack.

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