Thursday, November 23, 2006

Houston, we have a problem

Well, I am sure I mentioned the lack of communication in the past in reference to dealing with UPMC. Here's a little more.
Apparently my wife got a call yesterday too. Not sure if it was before or after my own call, which was around 2:00pm.
The call she got was TOTALLY different then the call I got.
Her information was that my liver was 70% affected by this excess iron in my blood.
My information was that if treated, I will be just fine. BUT if not treated, then it could end up I too would need a liver transplant.
I spoke to a doctor, my wife spoke to a nurse but is a coordinator. BOTH very capable just in a different position in the circle. I have seen both of them and so has the original recipient.

NOW, if it is true that my liver is in BAAAADDDDD shape then I guess this will take a bit of a different turn. If my liver is in good or decent shape then of course it's not a dire of a situation.

Back to Houston. A good trip going bad. Great communication results in a wonderful result.
(Referencing the Apollo 13 space trip).

Here in Pittsburgh, bad situation being muddied up because of bad communication. The results are yet to be seen.

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