Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A summary of sorts

10:54 am Dr. R.L. Salis. Spanish accent. He talks quietly too. It doesn’t help with me being hard of hearing. Soft hands. Pleasant voice. He covered some complications and issues. Even after a Doctor or two, things are getting repetitive.

My cell card still isn’t working. Grrrr

11:15 am I took a walk to the waiting room “D.” WOW there are a lot of people here. 4-5 halls and 4 rooms to a hall. I assume all donors, recipients and families.

Dr. R.L. Salis knew about my media request and he thought it was taken care of. I’m not sure what taken care of means. Yes, no, hell no? What? I asked him to check with Terri then get back to me. Earlier I had told Terri I was angry….disappointed that I was denied media access. I don’t remember her reacting too far either way. She did say she though it was a good idea. Or at least it felt that way to me.

11:30 am A summary: Social=good, Terri=good, busy! She needs to lay off the caffeine. WOW a bundle of energy. Short legs, walks fast. J Dr. Shaw=Ran through the consent form pretty fast. Covered the percentages of death and why they happened. Dr. Salis=covered complications and benefits.of me being in “good health” (so far). But I haven’t had the big tests like EKG, CT, Pulmonary stress etc. Those will be tomorrow. Any of those tests could rule me out before I get to the biopsy.

11:51 am Got a call form a co-worker wishing me well.

The laps are next up for me so I am not to leave my home in room 3A. The laptop and wireless cell access is working now. Yeaaaaa. I can blog.

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