Friday, November 17, 2006

Post procedure

9:27 am I was rolled down to 7 West by my original escort and I tried to convince him to head to the McDonalds drive thru for breakfast. He wasn’t going for it. I was left at the nurses station. We bid our good byes.

One nurse said she will get with me soon. I told her I wasn’t gong anywhere. “I will be here til Friday” “And don’t forget to tip your waitress”. I got several laughs from that one.

I’m on a roll.

9:43 am The lidocain feels like it’s wearing off. I am sure it isn’t but I feel that way.

9:57 am My hunger pains and the biopsy site aren’t exactly helping each other out.

I am bored laying on my back and it scares me to cough. I still have a light cough.

10:15 am I can elevate my head. Only three hours to go.

10:30 am My wife heads to the cafeteria to get me some scrambled eggs, toast, home fires and some orange juice.

She comes back with toast and orange juice. The cafeteria was closing and preparing for lunch.

11:18 am I guess my lidocain isn’t wearing off as fast as I expected. It is wearing off. But slower. I can feel the site getting bigger. Or at least the discomfort.

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