Friday, November 03, 2006

No news is.........?

It's been awfully quiet on the medical front so I will bore you all with my daily happenings.

I was in Zanesville Ohio this week. My trip to Shreveport was given to someone else. So I go to the Pottery Capital of the USA and get pulled from....oh wait. My geography skills have led me astray. I thought Shreveport was closer to New Orleans. It is over 300 miles. Oh well. Here I thought I would take in the nightlife and food and environment and food and ambiance and....what ever. I'll stay home. (Like I have a choice now).

We ( I ) colored my daughters hair Tuesday. It's purple now. Yes, that was the color we expected. I'll send pictures later.

Halloween was a bust. I guess all hallows eve brings the bad out in people. My daughter was suppose to go with her two best friends (for the past 3.75 years) and they litterally drove past us as we were walking into their driveway on their way to shomewhere else.
If you could have seen the dejection in my daughters face it would have driven you to rage!
I agreed to buy her a new costume this year. She was looking pretty nice in it too. She has been looking forward to trick or treating alone (with her two friends) for quite some time. Weeks. Months perhaps. Anyway, when they drove away, it was truly one of the worst moments for me in several years.
As a parent, you hate to see dejection in your children. She was so upset she walked very fast back to the house as the cold rain mixed with the tears on her face. She wouldn't (couldn't?) even look me in the face.
I tried to salvage the evening with a trip to our local ice cream store (her FAVORITE place). She got a large ice cream and we headed back to our place to watch a movie in the theater. ALthought a movie isn't exactly a place for conversation, we sat next to each other had a few good hours together. BTW ~ We watched Jurrassic Park.
Later in the evening, one of the friends came over and apologized. Not sure if it was heart felt, but at least the words were there. My daughter took it face value. We then had the dad/daughter talk about how she needs to be able to stand up and tell people that "Dammit! You hurt me!" Not sure if it took. But at least I was able to speak a bit of my mind (and heart).

Obviously, I am still a bit jaded by this. Perhaps more than I should be. Time will heal all wounds right?


Mark & Kari said...

Hi Brent-

What a wonderful dad you are!! She is a very blessed little girl to have a daddy who loves her so much! friends come and go but the love & security of a father lasts a lifetime!

I am enjoying reading your blog! I am praying for you and asking the Lord to give wisdom and direction.

Love you! Kari:)

causaleffect said...

I truly love being a dad. But it is me that is blessed to have my kids.
Glad you stop by. It's been fun.

Without saying much more. The prayers are working. :)

Stay tuned....