Monday, November 06, 2006

Mirror mirror on the wall

Happy Monday.

Nine days until my appointments and I am getting nervous. It's one thing to go to a doctors appointment it's a whole other thing to go for three straight days. I don't think the appointments are really the issue. It's the results. If I am a match, then this is just the beginning. If I am not a match, then my "activisim" will have to go up a few notches. Which will be a beginning of a different chapter.

As of this morning, I still haven't heard from the photo editor of the paper. It sounds like we aren't on the same page. I have asked if they have an idea of wha the story would look like annd I haven't received an answer. It's probably just another human interest story to them. To me, it's the life or death of my father in law and the awareness of live donations.

I remember that comedian George Lopez undergoing a surgery not too long ago. He received a kidney from his wife. He was on all the talk shows and it was in the papers etc. But I don't remember him pushing (okay, "educating") anyone on organ donation. Live or otherwise.

That's my focus. Right now, it is usually only family members or friends that are educated about live donations and only when someone is placed on the transplant list. Granted, there are a VERY few "angel" donors that will donate to a total stranger just to donate. I am sure since this is an elective surgery and the risk of death is very real, it a risk very few people will undergo as an elective. Hell, it's tough to get people to donate blood in this country. Look at all the marketing the Red Cross has to do to get donations.

Our country has a "me me me" attitude. We all know it. Most would rather give $20.00 than blood much less an organ that is actually being used. Then there are the dead people. Even though the organ donation on the drivers licenses indicate "Organ Donor" those same people have to tell their families.

We have had that discussion as a family. The kids and the adults are ALL organ donors. Yes, both kids say they are organ donors too. We have actually been discussing it for about a year and now they know someone that needs a liver. I take great care to ensure my kids know both sides to stories. I have been chastised for telling them too much of the facts. But I also get rave reviews in the way my children behave and respond. I teach them to be aware of their surroundings. Read a store receipt (BTW, our local McD's misspelled our own town name in their receipts).

Late this morning, before I posted this update, and after a request for an update. I got an email from the photo ed and there will be a ruling Wednesday to determine if I will get to have a photog accompany me along my journey. I feel like a politician. I could use one too. ANYONE know someone that actually has clout that could ride this bandwaon of public awareness for live liver donations?
Have them contact:.................

I decided to wait until I get a response from the photo ed as to wether or not I PUSH this boundary. I am sure he will say wait and see. But times-a-ticking. did I mention this is a me me me society. And in this case, I am looking in the mirror.............

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