Saturday, November 18, 2006

Get out of your routine and take control

If I have mentioned this before. I will mention it again. If you haven't read it from me, it's new to you. Go here

Heather is the creative talent behind that site and her......view on life........ is something to behold.
In my mind she has incredible writing style. When I need a new view on something or an escape form my own local reality I head to dooce and get a different perspective. Heather is raw and honest. What more do you need?

Too many of us get into a grind that becomes just that. A GRIND. Wearing us down as we shed off parts. Get out of that routine. Try something just a little different or VERY different. Try a new sport. Learn how to knit. Write a diary for a week of EVERYTHING you see, say and do. Go back and read it. Put it away then a month later do it again.

Compare them. What do you see? A pattern.....a stagnation.....a GRIND.

You may not have noticed, but when I met with the UPMC shrink, she revealed a few things that are resonating with me. I didn't say anything else about that meeting.

Granted it's one persons opinion. But damn it made sense.

From her interview of me, I have two.....issues......?

ADD, yes ADD and a Control issue.

Who'd a thunk it.

No, I am not a risk to civilization and I don't even need medication. She actually called me "boring". But when she listened to my verbal ramblings and offered reasons, things clicked. I had an understanding of certain things in my life.

I didn't necessarily like what she said. There are labels for people with ADD and those that are controllers. But is still made sense.

I might get a second opinion.........

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