Thursday, November 23, 2006

Falling on deaf ears

Greta Van Susteren mentions on her blog today how her colleague Catherine Herridge is thankful because her son is alive (after a liver transplant). I mentioned it on a prior blog (Wednesday Nov 15 @ 5:29 pm).,2933,231520,00.html

I sent an email to Greta via the public email address. Unfortunately she didn't read it, pass it on or get it. I am sure she get's thousands of email messages a day so I can understand.

Too bad she didn't have something like Dell's customer advocate. He emailed me within hours of me mentioning them and the six calls I had into tech support. BTW I have a few more in. Things are progressing. I still have a laptop that is in the process of getting fixed (I need to replace the hard drive (and re install all the apps)) YUCK!, and a backup device that isn't playing nice with Backup Exec v 10.d. (That upgrade has become a pain in the ass for sure). Symantec, do you have a customer advocate, are you listening?

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