Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Heinz 57

My posts today are a mix of things AND the Heinz 57 reference is a local thing.

Got word from DC via Vegas that my "connections" didn't pan out. Thanks "B" for trying. I do applaud your effort for me some long lost cousin. Let everyone know about the blog. Hopefully something good will come of it.

If you buy a Dell, GET THE EXTENDED WARRANTY. I have called Dell 5 times in TWO days for laptops and a tape backup device going bad. Let's see, I have had two keyboard failures, a bad LCD screen, two hard drives and memory going south. Some of those issues are on the same machine. Still, it's pretty ugly. Spend the $$ get the warranty on a laptop (regardless of the manufacturer).

Tomorrow SHOULD result in a decision at the Starzl Clinic on if I get media access. It's almost like a job interview. But I don't actually have any say in the matter. I hope somone actually said, this can be a good thing. I am sure the administrators would rather just operate and make people better. After all of this and I might not even be a match. Being a believer in a conspiracey theory, even if I am a match, they could deny me for the hell of it because I put up a fight to get media access to my appointments and surgery. As one email put it, there is too much liability involved. If something goes wrong, it's tough to fool the camera.


Mikey B said...

As for how I got my pictures, I simply asked the doctors and they said that they didn't know if they would have time. Then right before I was put under by the anesthesiologist I asked again and he said that he would pass it on to a nurse who was in the room.

now I had doctors comming up to me afterwards and nurses asking to see the pictures because they normally don't do this.... but they did it for me. I believe it's a way for the hospital to cover their butts incase something went wrong and or something in the photo's wasn't right! ... but again I had no problems! just try giving it to a nurse or someone right before you go under and see if they can take a few for you so that you can understand what they are doing to you while your under!!

good luck!

Dell Customer Advocate said...


My name is Todd and I'm a Customer Advocate at Dell's corporate headquarters. We saw your blog post about having to call us five times and I wanted to contact you to see if you had been able to get those problems resolved.

If I can be of help please email me at Customer_Advocate@Dell.com. Please include my first name (Todd) in the subject line of the message, and send me any Dell reference number to your case and I'll be glad to see what I can do to help.

Thank you,


Customer Advocate
Dell, Inc.

causaleffect said...

Everything has been fully resolved. As a matter of fact, Clarence Cooper was one of the best support calls I have ever made. He's one to keep.
Thanks for reading the blog and I hope you are an organ donor and have discussed it with your family.