Thursday, November 23, 2006

What lies ahead

A few years ago I set out to put my (selfish) life goals on paper. Unfortunately I can't find the paper I wrote them on. Pretty ironic.

I do remember a few of them.
1) Get published
Newspaper (photo(s) or article(s))
Book (book, manuscript or short/long story)
Movie (yes a movie)
2) Travel to every continent including Antarctica
3) i need to find my paper..........

I have been to two continents (or three) with five (or four) to go. I always though there were seven continents. But as all things change, there are seven theories on the number of continents from three to seven. Six and seven continents hold the most water. Three and four are probably people that like to argue against conventional wisdom.

Being published. I have. Last year I got the front cover above the fold of the Washington Observer-Reporter newspaper. I wasn't expecting it for sure. It was a nice Christmas present.

I have been floating so many idea for a book it's dumbfounding. Granted I am no John Grisham so I have to take the non traditional route to being published. Its okay by me. This blog may be one of a few stories that are getting the most attention in regards to getting published.
Once the blog is converted to book form then published it wouldn't take much to adopt it to a screenplay and made into a movie.

I know, it's pretty pretentious (?) to think my life could be made into a movie. But who says it has to be made by Ron Howard? Hmmm, Jack Black could play the part of me. LOL

I am looking at resources to get a book published. Of course, I have to find a stopping point to do it. Not in life, just in this current liver-donation-blood-disorder thing I have going on right now.

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