Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Rolling rolling rolling

9:35 am The room 3A is my home for the day. Olive green walls (to me). A comfortable temperature but a bit on the cold side. Two chairs, an exam table that needs to be cleaned and the doctors stool. I am glad I have a jacket, but I probably won’t wear it.

9:50 am I continue to fill out the forms from earlier. The standard consent, address, social security next of kin, relationship etc. Being a tech guy, it would be nice to be able to print these at home and bring them in. OR, fill them out on a tablet PC here in the hospital so no one will have to retype them in. That would be progressive thinking.

I am shuffling my camera, notepad and laptop around. I need another backpack since the camera won’t fit well with a lens on it and the laptop is actually too big for the bag. But I make it fit.

I can hear anonymous heels clicking out in the hallway. It reminds me of being in Basic Training when the DI’s would wear metal taps on their shoes. Click-clack, click-clack, click-clack all through the night.

10:00 am Blood pressure is 142/86, pulse 86 and temperature…..I forgot what it was. I made a reference to converting if from metric by doubling it and adding 30. You Bob and Doug McKenzie fans will understand.

10:06 am 5 pages of consent to read. This stuff should have gone out with the initial packet. There is some good stuff in here. I realized that all this is happening because of the blood type on my dog tags. Let’s hope it was right.

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