Friday, November 17, 2006

I got connection

Liver biopsy on the last day

4:00 am wake up

5:00 am pick up recipient and head to UPMC Montefiore.

5:45 am Arrive at MUH, there wasn’t any traffic and we made it in about 45 minutes.

5:54 am At MUH 7 West for my liver biopsy. There are a few people in the small waiting room. There is just enough lighting to read comfortably but nothing really bright.

I’m really tired today. I feel like puking. My nervousness compounded by no food or drink probably doesn’t help. It’s pretty apparent that my mood is somber this morning. My wife keeps asking how I am.


6:00 am I received my admission bracelet. They are plastic pre printed with my patient number name birthday and barcode. It’s nice and readable. Much nicer than those of years past.

6:30 I was called back to get prepped. Jia is my nurse. She gave me to robes and a pair of socks and said to change out of my clothes except for my skivvies. J I got smart this time and brought some shorts.

I look great in a hospital robe and neat no slip socks.

6:39 am Jia put the IV into my left hand. I had already had blood drawn form my right arm and it’s still bruised. My left arm had the IV from yesterday’s CT with contrast. Since I write with my right, I chose left for the IV. At least I had a choice.

7:00 am Waiting to be called to get my biopsy.

7:30 am Checked with Jia and since I won’t be called until about 8:30 they wife and recipient, decided to head to breakfast.

8:00 am I will be heading to biopsy in about 30 minutes so I thought I would try and post something.

There are 3 people here in the room built for four. I think all of us are having biopsies. I am in bed 1. Bed two is listening to infomercials. Bed three is talking to a family member and bed four is empty.

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