Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Up and atom

6:00 alarm goes off, time to get up and try to get out the door by 7:00 to pick up the recipient who is coming with me to the appointments.

Get the kids up, which is pretty hard at 6:30. Head downstairs to prep my camera and laptop. They all fit in my small back pack. But I can’t leave the wide angle lens on while the laptop and body are in the pack. I should just get a real photo backpack.

Hurry the last kid up to finish breakfast and get dressed. He isn’t dressed yet! and it’s 7:00. GOTTA GO!

Drop off at neighbors to wait until the bus comes. I head to pick up my chaperone.

Traffic is heavy as it always is heading downtown. My wife is ahead of us and is stuck in traffic. I opt to take an alternate route to shave a few minutes off. We take the West End bridge and hit it fairly well. Take a wrong exit and end up by the Heinz Field. Oops. Head back onto the parkway and back on track. Only a few minutes lost but we are ahead of schedule.

8:20 Arrive at UPMC drop the car off at the valet parking. Got my parking stub and said to take care of it. “See what happened last time we valet parked it”. Pointing at the torn up bumper, hail damage and oxidized paint. The valet was thinking they did it. But I said it was a joke I have been waiting to use all week. It’s all good.

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