Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Let’s get this party started

8:30 Made it to the Montefiore portion of UPMC and the Starzl Clinic or Center. Stopped by several desks before I finally made it to the right one. AS I walked up they knew who I was. Nice service I thought, but actually, everyone else that is having an appointment today have already made it and signed in. I am the last, thus the one they know by name.

Started out with filling out the requisite forms, forms and more forms. I had one done when Karen, a social worker, pulled me into an office for an interview. She covered who would be taking care of me after the surgery, what insurance I have alternate places to stay before the surgery or during recovery. She said Pennsylvania has some funding available for donors to help defray costs of housing. There is a set limit and to let her know if it would be something I would like to take part in. I have the paperwork in case I do. UPMC is also conducting a study of living donors (can’t exactly study the dead, they don’t say much). I of course said I would be interested. Heck, they can read the blog to see how I am doing.

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