Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I'm the doctor and you're not

10:15 am Dr. Shaw-Stiffle (sp?) came in. He’s also the Doc for the recipient. We shook hands. His was a light grip. Almost dainty. Good for a surgeon since that is his bread and butter. He did a very basic check. Simple pokes, prods and thumps here and there. He’s a very quite man that made it a bit tough to hear for me. It doesn’t help that I am losing some hearing either. Then the fan/AC was blowing which added to the ambient noise level.

He went over the donor consent form pretty quickly. A circle here an underline there and a cross out here flip the pages ask if I had any questions sign here initial everywhere sign and date here here and here you’ll get a copy thank you goodbye.

He did mention that right now, the rate of death for donors is 2 in 1500. We went into some detail, but I honestly didn’t retain much of it. It was also a bit fast to take notes on. Nothing jumped out as needing to remember either.

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