Wednesday, January 10, 2007

You got a problem with that

Well, no. Not that I know of.....

It seems that I have an inordinate amount of women in my photo project.
It also seems that I don't have enough guys. DUH!

"Why is that?", I ask myself.

I answer, "It's because there seem to be more women working where I visit frequently. And those jobs are more than likely customer service jobs."
Hint: I am a customer and they are doing a very fine job of helping me in what ever feeble task I am undertaking.

"What are you gong to do about that?", I say.

"Probably not much", I answer.

Besides. I am more comfortable talking to women than to men. Especially when it comes to asking them to take their pictures. I will try to balance it out. I promise. Soon. Really. I will TRY super hard to get more guy pictures. Maybe even tomorrow.

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