Thursday, January 18, 2007

Legitimacy, how, who and when

Legitimacy is something that I have contemplated for some time. But now as I am in the throes of my One-A-Day-2007 organ donation awareness project, I think of it more often.

As the "Scooter" Libby trial begins in Washington DC, there are two bloggers that have access to the trial alongside 98 other "traditional journalists". Here is a link to the Washington Post article or a TinyURL of the above link.

How can I compare? Well, granted my project isn't at the level of a white house scandal. But I do hope that this awareness photo project brings about a positive effect. The effect can only happen if people actually talk about organ donation and of course that is what the scope of the project is all about.


As I approach people, I am sure one of the first things that pops into their minds is "why am I being bothered?" Secondly, "is this guy for real?" Then, it's probably "how do I get rid of him?"

They are standing there, nervous, with a business card in hand with a bunch of words and a long URL to a web site. Why did I use a free site? It was there. Why two sites? It's what I wanted to do. Was it a good idea? In hindsight, perhaps not. I am sure most people will not see a www causaleffect com address and think, HUH?! Others, don't care or notice.

How does this tie in with legitimacy? Well, where does legitimacy come from? Peers? The industry? Who? Who has the power to legitimize something? When do you know you are legitimate? Does something come in the mail like a belt buckle that says "You have arrived!" wear this hat/shirt/belt buckle/whatever with pride.

I hope site hits will help. I know it's silly, but having more people view the blog and photos on flickr and sharing the story will spread the site. But since it's not a good joke, get rich scheme or really funny YouTube video. I'm not sure how to go viral.

I guess stay the course and let time take care of it.

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