Thursday, January 25, 2007

More net stuff

In my prior life as a webmaster I always put security and safety items on my web pages. Most security is experiential. Eventually, as you spend more time on a computer and on the internet, you learn good and bad habits and things to be aware of.

I remember last year getting an email regarding a web site called being full of adware and other nefarious items. I had already been to the site and didn't remember seeing much. Perhaps in it's infancy they could have been. I really don't know.

But now, I recently came across a site that you can enter a web site and it will show you info about that site. It is from a security and antivirus company McAfee so it should be legit. LOL the analysis results page will show you the site you entered and the links from that site to other sites as well as other "stuff". While it doesn't appear to be all inclusive, it is a good place to start when you have a site you aren't all too sure of.

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