Friday, January 19, 2007

Things to ponder

I tried posting this last night but blog*spot (Blogger) was down for maintenance. Damn, I missed that memo.....
FYI for all of you that do come to the point that blogger is not available, I am mirroring (copying) this blog over on wordpress I know it's a lot of web sites. But that's what favorites and bookmarks are for right......

Here is
another blog I ran across.

Read farther down about a trend being reported in Hawaii. I guess it might be paradise, but at what cost?

This link almost brought me to tears.

Something Georgia is trying (the post not the site)

Another donation site but has differing numbers than what I get from the OPTN site

In an attempt to be balanced. Really, I have offerend so many pro donation links this one link that may offer an opposite stance isn't really balanced, per se.

I will say, I am not 100% sure the mission of the above web site. I think it is pro life in essence and organ donation MAY not be something they support. Again, I offer it as a "on the surface" opposition.

In my attempt to be legitimate (see an earlier blog post) I feel that everyone is responsible for their own decision. This project for me is to elicit conversation. A verbal awareness. No matter what the decision might become, you must talk to your family about it.

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