Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The excitement is building

Yesterday was an incredibly great day. No, I didn't win the lottery, but I will play tonight.

I was able to get two portraits for my One-A-Day-2007 organ donation awareness project. I was also able to talk to three other people last night. One really nice thing about living in a small town is that I actually have regular communication with our council president the mayor and the founder/owner of a consulting business that has clients across the country. Three people that I find fascinating and full of guidance and insight. I sat and listened to them discuss all things business, customer service and such.

Why was I doing that....because I am part of a small group of dedicated people that are trying to revitalize our down town area. It's a pretty neat thing for sure. We have had a few $500.00 donations and a $40,000 grant to purchase a run down train station. Why? Well, it's the last train station standing on an old abandoned rail line that runs through town. Once it is restored, it will be a crown jewel so to speak in the efforts to get this area up and getting better.

After our meeting, I gave them my card with the flickr web site on it and a short explanation of the project goal(s). "J" kind of off hand said that I seem to always be into something. That was a crappy paraphrase, but it was a tremendous compliment. Thank you, "J". Sorry I couldn't quote you more accurately.

We have some momentum gaining in the revitalization process. Our 501(c)(3) is in the pipeline and we are just waiting for the.....government to do it's thing.....sigh.....

Other excitement include my 20 year reunion comming in August. I didn't think it would be this cool, but getting touch with a few people from high school, after 20 years is pretty fun. But I have ALWAYS been one to look back. I had such a great time in school. I'm not living in the past, they are just really good memories. Some of the people I am in contact with aren't even people I spent time with or hung around. But now that we are all adults and many with kids, we up. We realize what the important things are. I am sure once the reunion commences, there will be the normal clicks, but that's human nature. No biggie. There will always me memories. Hopefully good ones.

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