Friday, January 19, 2007

It's a roller coaster ride

I checked my email this morning and received a really nice message. I will post a slightly edited portion of it here:

This is proabably the best insight to how everyone feels when I approach them. It's like wearing someone slese shoes for a few minutes. So youhave all ehard my side of the stories. Here is the view from "B".

Hi [causaleffect],
If you couldn't tell from the subject this is the woman from [BandN]. I'm sorry i never introduced my self, my name is "B". I just have a natural reaction to put my guards up when talking to a stranger and not give out much information. But i came home and had to check out your website, and i have to let you know that i think what you are doing is great. I respect it so much, I would like to be a part of it. I'm sorry I didn't want my picture taken at the moment because I was intimidated at first. Although I eased up I was still a little unsure because its not everyday I get approached by a stranger who wants to take your photograph. You never know nowadays, so I was just being cautious. I hope your not offended.
I now wish I didn't decline your offer now that I can see your project/page first hand. You definitely caught my interest though with your project. Its just weird because like I told you I wanted to be a bone marrow donor because of my sister, whom is in remission from Leukemia. I always thought about it, but i didn't even know where to get started. Now that you informed me that I can donate other organs while I'm still alive, I'm even more intrigued.
I really want to know more about all this and hopefully one day help someone in need. It would be awesome if you are able and willing to help me out with information on donating. And I would love to help you out and be a part of your project! Thank you so much for making me more aware and talking with me. Please write me back when you get time, I would really appreciate it!!!
Just incase you can't see my email address.. it is []
Thank-you again, "B"

I replied to "B" and told her that the photos are secondary to the message. The awareness of organ donation is what it's all about.

If she would still allow me to take her portrait, then it would be a nice little rose on the icing on a 365 day cake.

Needless to say, this message helped clean the feeling from yesterday. But there is still a for lease sign in front of our ice cream store.....


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