Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I am crying right now

It's after 1:00 am and even though I should be sleeping, I was browsing a web site that inspires me photographically. Then I decided to log into one of my email accounts and there was a message.

Nice work on the photo, your skill not the subject. I am impressed by your passion and drive to take on this project. Good luck in your effort. I plan to talk with my family this weekend about completing the back of my driver's license. Best to you and yours this year, J.

I am really crying because this message from "J" just touched my heart in a way I could not have expected.

Thank you....."J"


Amanda said...

I love it when friends send me messages that move me to tears! That's the best!!


Brandon said...

That happened to me last night. My friend Ashley sent me this very touching message and just sat here at my computer and bawled. It was great!!

Brandon Miller, 19
Dallas, TX