Monday, January 29, 2007

Items of interest

In the pursuit of the organ donation awareness project, I will get the comment like "if I get hurt, they will let me die so they can have my organs" or "special people get preferential treatment so it's unfair".

While I cannot say unequivocally that the above statements are true or false. It is the goal of organ donation (backed by laws and ethics) to create a level playing field. Since everything is run by humans, and we humans are not perfect, I can only assume there are a few cases of human judgement being clouded in the case of a potential donor or recipient getting to the top of their respective lists sooner than they would have otherise expected. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to find cases both for and against both situations.

Regardless. There are just under 95,000 people waiting for organs as of today.

I found Josh's blog on Becky's blog. Then I ended up on Walter Payton's web site where it mentions his liver failing from PSC and eventual cancer. It is my understanding that he died of cancer, waiting for a liver. It is reported in a few places that Walter was offered special status. But he refused it. While

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