Thursday, January 18, 2007

In a handbasket

I guess two good days a week are all I am allotted. [sic]???

I headed out after work to see if I could find someone I could talk to and get a portrait for the project. I have taken my camera to lunch twice but haven't had opportunities for any pictures and of course I get ribbing form my co workers. "What's in the suitcase?", "You moving out?", "Are you coming back?" blah blah blah. I can take that kind of stuff.

So, I figured I would hit B&N again to see if JPG was on the shelves and see if there was someone I could talk to about the project. I wandered around quickly, looking for the mag, a photo business book and other misc items that might catch my eye. Alas, nothing. The employee said JPG the magazine isn't a regularly carried item. Bummer. I guess I will have to get a subscription and wait another 6 weeks to get it. It's already a bi-monthly publication so I am jonesing for issue #9 already.

So there I am heading from the magazines to the computer section and I happen across a woman browsing books. It is a book store after all.

I offer my card and I actually get to see her eye to eye. Once word. Stunning.

Normally I may observe someone for a minute or two then approach them. She was random as I was walking by. I offered her my card and immediately I could see the trepidation.

Uh oh, a stranger....

I quickly informed her about the One-A-Day-2007 project and asked if she was a donor. With enthusiasm she replied with a "yes". We talked a bit more and I offered her my history, and brought her current regarding my desire to bring about awareness as well as my clean bill of health. Regarding my Hemochromotosis, that is.

As we talked, I noticed a small swarm of employees busily restocking books right next to us. Funny, they never seem to be doing that until a few people are chatting together. Maybe it's me. I am sure that being a corporate store, they are a bit stuffy and protective. I accept that.

If I follow every rule, I will, as a photographer, never get the picture. I have to push the envelope. The project in it's essence is difficult for me. But the eventual outcome, will hopefully, be worth the effort.

Back to the story. As we talked, she felt more at ease but questioned the need for a picture (as opposed to just straight conversation). It was a question I didn't expect. Ever. Well, I am a photographer and it's what I thought of using as a medium for the project. There ya go.

She eventually declined the photo opportunity. But I implored her to keep the card and stop by the site and link to the blog. Perhaps someday, she will offer a few minutes of her time for a portrait.

I never did get her name. But that's not important. It's the message and a bit of hope for the nearly 95, 000 people waiting for an organ right now.
Especially for the 5,000 that may die this year while on the list.

So, I was pretty bummed regarding that result. I headed home, with another empty day. As I neared home, I see a sign in front of our local seasonal ice cream stand. The business is for lease. To me that means they aren't going to open this spring.


One of the highlights of this town is the Frosty Delights store where we will literally walk down the hill and across the street in a summer evening and have an ice cream treat. My daughter will be heartbroken. It will be akin to losing a family pet. I hope they are just feeling out the options. But last fall, they mentioned several times about selling. We just didn't think it would be so soon.


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