Sunday, January 14, 2007

Cool beans dude

A couple of things to cover.

First, I want to thank "S" for her time with me for the One-A-Day-2007 organ donation awareness project. You can see her picture there. She thinks, it's "a very humanitarian thing to do". "Just not now, I'm using them". Nothing quite like a southern girl is there.

I have mentioned before, that I find something common in many of the people I meet. "S" is no different. As we chatted, Neither of us are "from around here". She still has a beautiful drawl and I pronounce my consonants. (I might not be able to spell them, but dang it, I can say them). She is form the south. And I am from "the" Northwest. Not even close right.

Her aunt lives in some city in Washington. Perhaps I have heard if it....."Kennewick"?


Small world.

Which leads me to this. I jsut got an email regarding our high school reunion. Pretty cool if you ask me. I loved the first one, can't wait for the second one.

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