Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Dream a little dream

I have an opinion.

It's really difficult to share some of my thoughts on the blog because this blog is supposed to be all about organ donation, my life as a (former) donor and (as I was labeled) a crusader [for organ donation]. I seem to digress all too often. The reality is I am sure most of you don't really want to know my daily musings and thoughts, but you still come back. I hope. It’s sort of like a train wreck. You shouldn't watch, but you want to see if there is any carnage after it's all said and done.....Plus, my life is really pretty boring. I have to fill in the space with web fodder and heart felt stories to keep you coming back for more, MORE, M-O-R-E ! !

I read this article here from MSNBC/Newsweek and the subject is, unfortunately, probably something that happens more often than not. To summarize, it's about a man with a very sick child and his insurance is hitting its max lifetime amount. The child is only 3 years old. There have been movies about this same situation and I am sure there are books and all sorts of stories. Plain and simple though, as a parent, you want the worlds resources available for your child.

A thousand years ago or even 100 years ago most health problems ended with death. Today, we can't stop death, but prolong life. At what cost? This child, like mine, is priceless. Out of the trillions that insurances are getting in premiums, I can’t imagine this child bankrupting the insurance company. But in all reality, to me, it says that there are thousands of people that are in this same situation. Tens or hundreds of millions need insurance. Millions probably don’t have it.

My son and daughter both spent time in a NICU at birth. My daughter......is truly a dream come true. (That story at another time). We went through some intense medical situations that, if we had gone without, would have resulted in a slow and painful death for my daughter (according to the surgeons). Today and forever, we monitor visually and verbally how she is doing. She will never be rid if what ail's her, but we can be assured things are much, much better. Looking at this angel from God's own heaven that graces my existence, you would never know of her past.

Would I trade some of the painful experiences knowing that my daughter is doing so well right now? Absolutely not. We also know that her future was very bright because of good health care/insurance. Without it……..my dream would have died.

Quote of the day.
"private insurance is about making profits, not keeping people healthy. " - Nathan Wilkes

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