Monday, January 15, 2007

Good things come to those that wait

Although "K" doesn't fit the "absolute total stranger" mold I have set for myself in shooting my street portraits. I asked her for a picture on Friday but she had some personal business to attend to before we were able to set aside a few minutes for a shoot.

I was willing to wait.

Today I was rewarded with a golden smile and wonderful poses. The results show. I had a tough time picking the ONE picture to post. I actually had 5 that were really, really good. Then I narrowed it to three. Then had to pick the one that I feel showed her personality the best. You can see the portrait of "K" on

In the two weeks I have been doing the One-A-Day-2007 photo project, "K" is the first that has some personal experience in organ donation. Her roommate in college had a family member that needed an organ transplant. She was able to see, and experience, the stress, grief and daily events that a family will undergo while waiting for an organ.

I feel "K" experienced something with her roommates parent needing an organ that will live with her the rest of her life. Hopefully, this project can reach out and elicit conversations regarding organ donation with everyone that comes to this blog and the photo blog.

If you are an organ donor. You really need to talk to your family about it.
If you are a beliver in Christ, it should be no different. Be proud. Stand up for your beliefs.

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