Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Tough times ahead

This project is going to be really tough.

I worked another 15 hours today and it leaves very little time to try and shoot pictures of people. My first stop around 9:20 pm tonight was a fast food joint. I actually only wanted an ice cream dessert but it was "out of order". Funny how it always happens at night. I decided to go for a burger meal.

I rolled through the drive through and knowing I would only have an opportunity for one or two pictures. I readied my business card and photo release. My drink was handed to me and I asked a favor of the employee. I stated my case first, that I was a photographer and I am doing a photo project to promote awareness for organ donation. I went on to ask if she was an organ donor and if I could take a picture. She said she wants to be one, but her dad wouldn't let her.
Of course I had to inquire her age (you have to be 18 to sign the photo release) and she was not that age yet.
She went on to say that her dad said if you are an organ donor the doctors won't take care of you if there is an accident.

Basically he was subscribing to the very common thought of let some one else die in order to POSSIBLY take their organs and then MAYBE put them in someone else. Then in teh small chance that that organ is viable the recipient MIGHT actually live longer.

Really, if you actually think about it, regardless of the ethics issues, it make NO sense to let someone die and put their organs in another person. My brow is wrinkled just thinking about it.

But to help you all in this similar issue look here:

Obviously, I wasn't able to get a photo. So I went off to a second place. The gas station down the road. I thought perhaps I could eat my burger and see what happens. But as I sat there, rubber necking, I felt like a stalker. It wasn't a good feeling either. I checked my watch, well my cell phone time and I realized i could head over to the gas station back in my neighborhood and buy a lottery ticket (only one dollar) and see if the clerk there would let me take a picture.

I drove up a little before 10:00 pm and headed into the gas station. The clerk was in the back and when she came up front I recognized her, but I don't know her. (Not that many people work there, so it really wasn't a stretch either).

I asked for a lottery ticket then handed her my business card and asked if I could take a picture of her for my organ donation awareness project. She has an incredible smile but was definately shy about the whole deal. As we talked she said she wasn't an organ donor for personal reasons.

I understand the decision. I tried to re assure her that I am not trying to change anyone's mind. Just bring about an awareness and hopefully let people talk about it. Sort of a "you'll never guess what happened to me today" kind of thing.

Remember, if you are a donor, you must talk to otehrs about it. Especially your family.

So, I struck out twice. It was on my way home, that I realized this will be a terribly difficult project to complete. Day three and really only one portrait. Of the four people I have talked to, only one is an organ donor. Me.

Don't forget the photo blog too

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