Sunday, January 07, 2007

Wishy washy

Even as I clarified some of the goals, or confines for my one-a-day-2007 photo project. I am still struggling with the scope. As I worked from home Saturday, I struggled with the need to ensure our companies computer security (and a paycheck) against my desire to continue the photo project. Not as a whole, but for that day. I didn't actually get done working until after dinner. Which was late anyway. Then I headed out the door to grab a lottery ticket (still just a dollar) and try for a picture.

Our town rolls up it's proverbial doors early. One of the "joy's" of living here. So there are few options late on a Saturday night. Regardless, I zipped down to the gas station (one of only two) and hoped for a picture. As I went in, there were a few people inside. Two employees a few kids and their dad (I think). From my untrained medical eye, I didn't think he would be an organ donor. I passed on him. The clerk was a new face to me and was cheerful, but for some reason I decided not to ask her if I could take her picture.

Therein lies the dilemma.

I made a selfish personal choice by not asking her. But the overall scope of the project is intended to benefit those in this country that I will never know. I haven't been able to carry that thought through to the actual act of taking a picture. It's a really hard barrier to deal with.

Earlier at the dinner table my wife had asked if I was able to get a picture for the project. I responded that I had not. She said I could take a picture of her or her dad since they are both organ donors. I replied that I wouldn't because my goal was to only approach strangers in the course of my normal daily routines.

Well, that didn't sit well with her. It was too much of a confined definition. And to her, it was unnecessary.

Now an hour later after I had returned home empty handed, I pondered her response.

So here I am now, day 7 of the project and I have missed two days. Technically three, since first day was a picture of me, that in essence, started out with a false premise. I am obviously not a total stranger. But that was indeed the first image.

Here I am, in a conundrum. Pulling a Kerry. Flipping back and forth. As an "artist" [sic] I wan't to stay true to the initial scope. But the reality is that organ donation needs to be talked about. So many people realy don't know what it entails. The true depth of the issue. The actual effort and costs of needing an organ or the benefits of receiving one. For the actual recipient and their families.

Let me know what you all think. Leave a comment here or on flickr with the pictures.

And I still need a picture for today......

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