Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Where it all comes from

For those of you that know me, know that when I take hold of something I take hold if it. If mantra is true:
Recognize the talent.
Challenge the mind.
Motivate the heart.

While I have been crusading for organ donation, there is a small still voice that is omnipresent in my mind, and heart.

Some of you will be (or currently are) dismayed that I don't mention Jesus, Christianity or the truly beautiful concept of His forgiveness and the love that God has for all of us.
No, I don't mention that too much. Why? It's not on my heart right now. Do I believe it. ABSOLUTELY. Should you? Why wouldn't you?
The small still voice isn't the Holy Spirit. It's a friend of mine that has silently given me motivation in more ways than I can ever say. I will ID her as "D". She know who she is.

.tears are welling up now.

I see her as a strong courageous woman. She has risen to certain levels of endurance and persistence. She has overcome some very difficult obstacles emotionally, physically and I am sure spiritually.

Why do I tout this person at such a high standard?


Not just because of what she goes through. But how she dignifies herself. She would probably slap the you know what out of me for exalting her like this, but I had to say it. It has been laying on my heart. I am very sure it won't be the last time I mention "D" either.

If you want to help. You can participate in an MS Walk this spring. For those of you in the beautiful North West go here to the Greater Washington Chapter of the National MS Society. For those of you everywhere else go here to the National MS Society.

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don_l said...

This is me slapping you! -smack!- But also thanking you for spreading the word about MS! Thanks!