Monday, January 22, 2007

Take em when you can get em

Like everyone else, we're finally getting some winter weather. Tonight wouldn't have produced anything, but I stopped by a store to pick up a couple of calendars for the kids. We are going to follow the trend my aunt set for her kids. We are giving our kids their allowance for the whole year in one lump sum and the calendars will help them set up a budget by seeing monthly when they will have expenses like birthday's, parties, and vacations. They will also be able to put down the items of what they spend and see where their money is going.

WHAT!!! You ask?

With the kids only getting a few dollars a month, it was easy to spend it on small menial items but harder to save since it would take months to cover anything of any value to them. When I gave them each a large sum before Christmas, they were covered for the rest of the year as well as some extra. BUT, they had to pay for all their own snacks, toys, and other items. Pretty much EVERYTHING. It was pretty amazing how they stoppped asking for a smoothie, or McDonalds hamburger or even a milkshake for dinner. (We covered the meal and drink, but extra food like desserts or milkshakes were their responsibility). Their attitude towards money changed drastically for the better.

Thank you Aunt "T".

Back to the regular scheduled programming:
As I walked out of the office supply store, I saw a guy throwing salt and thought what a tough night to do it. But it had to be done and I was thankful for the salt. The snow was blowing and a bit wet and very crusty so it was kind of on the slick side.

I slowed and thought about asking for a picture, but he was very busy and I didn't want to throw off his schedule. I put my bag in teh car and noticed he was done on the sidewalk and was heading abck to his truck. So I walked very quickly, leaving my car unlocked hoping to catch him before he sped off to another site.

"Excuse me" I said....trying to speak over the radio and rush of traffic nearby.

I quickly mentioned my cause and tried to hand him a card. He wasn't too excited about my card. But I asked him to take it. As cold as it was, I did get through to the point of the project and asked if I could take his picture(You can see it here One-A-Day-2007). He agreed to a few pictures. I was able to get two pictures before my brain was cold enough to have difficulties talking. We ended up talking about my issue with the hemochromotosis diagnosis and my desire to bring about awareness for organ donation. While he was not a donor, he was "for it".

I thanked "A" for his time and we parted.

Photog notes: I had my camera set for manual and a slow shutter speed. When I fired the shutter, it took F O R E V E R to finish and I was terrified that they would be over exposed and totally lost. But luckily (as opposed to skillfully) the slow shutter speed, with the fill flash (and honestly I don't know the aperture) they turned out great.

At least in in my mind.

I like the double exposure look. You can also see snow flake trails coming down. I was really pleased with the look of these shots.

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