Sunday, January 07, 2007

Cuz it's good for the neighborhood

We went out for a family dinner tonight since I wasn't going to wait for dinner to cook itself and I was heading to Chicago tomorrow.

At the restaurant there weren't many opportunities from first glance. After we ordered, I decided to ask one of the wait staff if I could take her picture. She was incredibly attentive and gracious with her time. But the low light and the speed at her movements was almost too much for my camera. I really don't like shooting with a flash, especially in a confined space like a restaurant. But it seems that I had little choice.
She had finished taking an order and was entering it in their system and I headed back to catch her in the act so to speak.
We talked a little about the donation process, what brought me to this project and about flash photography. Then as I understood it, she had asked generally about actually donating to someone. Which would be called an altruistic donation. Where you donate to who ever can use what ever you can donate as a live person. Which would be a liver, partial lung and a single kidney.

"T" since you do "believe it's a good thing to do". Please check out my links here on the blog or send me an email and I can point you in the right direction of you still want more information.

You were so gracious in your time and were really at ease in front of the camera. I truly appreciate it. The rest of you can see her picture here

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