Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The good doctors

While at my appointment, I was able to share info about my organ donation awareness project. One of the doctors, ("T") was already aware of the project and offered himself as a subject. Of course I was thrilled to comply. The other doctor, while observing, was kind of roped into it by me. See their pictures here http://www.flickr.com/photos/oneaday2007

But "L" was an absolute great sport. Both are donors, which would have been expected. I really hope this "experience" with me today will garner some sort of dialog between them and others they come into contact with. Either by sharing the web site or better yet, use it as a soucre of inspiration and perhaps share the story with others if they feel that it can help.

"T" has given me some references to other people in the area of organ donation. "L" was kind of brought into the fold so to speak. But again, I think she was keen on the potential and perhaps surprised to the depth that I immersed myself into this sort of thing.

Really, the project isn't about changing minds or hearts. It's about bringing about awareness. A need. A dialog.

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