Thursday, January 11, 2007

Terminal news

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I left Chi town yesterday and spent some time in O'Hare with the goal to get three portraits. Remember, I "promised?" to get more pictures of guys. So, the three portraits were suppose to be guys. I would have settled for 1:3 or 2:3 and of course the 3:3 would have been great.

I sat down for lunch and tried to make small talk with an older woman but she was much more interested in her paperback book. Then there was a guy in the corner that looked like he really wanted to be there, rather than where he was getting ready to go. A couple with a very small child sat slightly behind me and obviously had no time to deal with anything but their little boy.

I finished my chicken sandwich and headed back out to the mass of transiting people.

As I headed back to my gate and sat down, I couldn't help to see a man and a woman talking up a STORM. Let me tell you. I can talk. But this woman took hold of a person sitting on the same bench as her and SHE CAN TALK! WHOA nelly! I was trying to listen in but it was a firestorm of topics. All I got out of it was the man was possibly a pro bike racer ALA Lance Armstrong. I wanted to really try to get a picture of him, but I really didn't get an opportunity. The woman, an airline crew, was on 110% until she headed to the bathroom. Then the guy picked up his phone and texted someone. But the time he was done, the girl came back and started up as if she had never left.

While it's nice to talk, I think this guy was actually tired from it all. Then his girlfriend came in to the picture.....I had to stick around for this.....

The airline crew woman had heard so much about the guys girlfriend, she went right into it with her about their lives together and job, school etc. You should have seen the face if the girlfriend. THAT is what I should have taken a picture of. It was a who is this and why does she talk so fast to me and how did she know about my life.


An announcement came up for a gate change. Of course, I'm in O'Hare. So I headed over to the F terminal. I was hoping to start up a conersation with someone else heading over there but I didn't seee anyone that fit the description.

As I made it to the gate, there was already a mass of people getting ready to leave. So I leaned against the wall and was gaining the nerve up to talk to the young man next to me. Then his number had been called and he headed to the plane himself.

I am beginning to feel like a kid at his first dance. It sucks. I remember it WELL. It did suck.

Shortly after, another guy rolled up and leaned on the wall next to me and said hi. So we started to chat. He was from Canada and in manufacturing, but I wasn't really able to get to the point to ask for his picture. Then my number came up. Well, to board the plane anyway.

I am really intimidated with talking to men. Regardless of the goal for the One-A-Day-2007 photo project. I am just plain intimidated.

So our plane started to board and I headed to my own cattle call.

I figured my last chance would be to hope that a man sat next to me and I could have done a portrait right there in the seats. Well, wouldn't you know it. There are 72 seats on this plane. I am in one, leaving 71 and the guy that sits next to me is an employee of the direct competition to the company that I work for. He is the VP Of product Management and one of the FOUNDERS of that particular company.
While the "pretend spy" in me wanted to ask all sorts of questions. I didn't think I would have been able to pull off the facade for long. The biggest issue is that other company and my company aren't exactly friendly, I could forsee a lawsuit at some point and that's not quite worth it right now. They don't pay me enough.

Strike three. No pictures for me on day 10. My average is pretty dismal. About like the hits on the blog, they just aren't there. I'm goin gto have more NoPhoto photo's on the site than actual photos.


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