Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The key to fitness

I have a fatty liver and my doctor told me to begin a diet and exercise routine start losing a good amount of weight, so I stopped by an exercise equipment store on the way home. There, I met "R". He showed me a few bikes. All they had in stock was an incumbent bike. I was hoping for an upright. Their prices were a little more than on the web but not enough to not buy one from them. I just want to find the right one. Especially for that price. It could end up being an expensive coat rack.

As we talked I brought up organ donation. He winced a bit. He had been, but the last time he renewed his drivers license he removed his donor status. It was totally understandable to me. He felt that at that time, several people seemed to get organs that didn't seem to fit the needy category. It really soured him on the organ donation.

We talked a little bit about it and I think he might re consider it when his license is up for renewal. You can see his portrait on the One-A-Day-2007 flickr page.

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