Thursday, January 04, 2007

Posted picks

Pics, picks, piks, whatever.

I posted the pictures "J" and "M" on the flickr page. You should have already noticed the little picture thingy there to the right. But I will put the link here anyway.

I can honestly say my subjects today werer significantly better than my photography. While they may have been a little nervous, I was acting the amateur here. I decided to shoot manual (as opposed to an automatic setting) because of the backlight. (The light coming in from the windows behind them). I didn't use a flash either so that meant I had to bump the ISO (film speed) up and drag the shutter (slower shutter speed, 1/40th of a second rather than 1/125th or so). That resulted in blurry pictures. A person's body moves an awful lot in 1/40th of a second.


Sorry ladies, I hope you can still accept the pictures for the whole of the work rather than my inane ability on this day.

Let's just hope my skills progress throughout the year, right!


Anonymous said...

Nice work on the photo, your skill not the subject. I am impressed by your passion and drive to take on this project. Good luck in your effort. I plan to talk with my family this weekend about completing the back of my driver's license. Best to you and yours this year, J.

causaleffect said...

"J", you have truly touched my heart. I cried when I read your comment. Thank you so much for your kindness and your valuable time. Come back often and share the links of the blog and the photos with others.