Friday, January 05, 2007

In the nick of time

As I drove home tonight (another L O N G day). I was looking in all the store fronts seeing workers doing their thing. There were many opportunities for me to stop, strike up a chat and get a picture. But what struck me, here on day 5, was that that wouldn't be genuine. Those places might be a photo opportunity, they wouldn't necessarily be places I normally visit.

I had to pass by those places for now. But in the future, they could be real places I would visit. Then, they would be a photo opportunity.

Hmmm, should I tan standing up, or laying down?

I made it to the gas station of the company where my wife works and of course seized the opportunity for a photo op. I walked over to the attendant and we shook hands. We know each other by face but that's about it. I also handed a business card to a person getting gas and asked if I could take her picture for the organ donation awareness project I am doing. She said yes, but the attendant jumped in like a boxing match referee. "NONONONO, this is solicitation", he said, as I thought of Sgt. Shultz from Hogans Heroes. I assured him (as I didn't budge) that I am not selling anything. But for my images to be legally published, I have to have a signed consent form and I would then give the subject a CD of the images. When she heard signed consent form, she backed out.

Since my gas was probably done pumping, I went ahead and thanked them for their time and went back to my car.

The word "solicitation" kind of bothered me. But I guess it's a part of the gig. I am sure before this year is out, I will get better, and worse responses.

Since I was a bit bummed from that. (I will NEVER accept rejection well) I headed home. As I drove down our big 4 lane, I stopped by the grocery store and fast food joint. Of course there was a team of something (think wrestling and cheerleaders) that arrived before me so I headed out through the store.

As I was walking through, I saw "S" walking roughly toward me. I asked her if I could take her picture for my project. (I won't bore you with those details again). She agreed and she is an organ donor. We chatted about blood donations and other small talk too. She looked really comfortable in front of the camera. If she was nervous, it didn't show. Perhaps some people are just naturals.

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