Monday, January 08, 2007

High's and lows

19:45 hrs
There isn't much here in Plano Illinois now, but it looks like the place is growing very fast. Give it a little time, and it looks like Plano and Yorkville will be really nice.

I went to a restaurant here that had a now open sign up. Even on the night of the college football championship game, it was essentially empty.
Inside was a very nice modern rustic design. Exposed stones, wood floor and a fireplace in the corner of the pub. I didn't see the dining area, but I assume it would be as nice.
The menu was decent. I decided on Atlantic Salmon and a baked potato. It took a while for it to arrive but the waitress was pretty attentive.
When it arrived it looked good in the dimmed lighting. As I cut into the baked potato, you could feel it was sitting in a luke warm oven for quite some time
but never actually got cooked and they finished it off in a microwave. Oh, yuuummm. Then the salmon had so little color I thought it was a white fish.
The seasoning they had was good, but that's all I could taste. But I got lots of chances by chewing on the rubber sold as salmon.
At least the water was clear. I will give them one mulligan in that they had a birthday party with a party of 20 or so. So the lateness of my food can be attributed to that.
But if it's the BCS championship game I would have thought they would have enough kitchen staff to cover a few more people than extra. I think my food probably sat under the heat lamp
for way too long. It just messed up the potato and salmon.

Once I was done, I was walking out and noticed the girl at the front with little to do. So, of course I asked if I could take her picture for my organ donation awareness project.
She was tentative at first, but I explained the reason for my self initiated project. She went ahead and agreed. I think I got about 5 pictures of her that were nearly incredible.
She had just had some pictures done recently and her poses were perfect. Great head tilt. She flashed the smile and held it. I was actually intimidated by her composure.

Then the manager came in. She of course was on the defensive right off the bat. Understandably. It's her place. She took the business card from my hand and wanted to know what I was doing.
I explained, knowing full well that it wasn't gong to end in my favor. She went on to say that this isn't something that should be happening and that the subject was a minor
(which she wasn't) and this is a place of business.

Well, I know it's a place of business, that's why I just spent $25.00 on something passed off as food. How else will I take pictures of people in my course of daily activities unless I
actually visit businesses.

I conceded. Packed up my gear and walked out. I feel sorry for the girl. She was put on a spot and I am truly sorry for that. This photo project isn't supposed to create confrontation
but invariably, it will. The manager had a right to protect their employees and business. I appreciate that. But after getting a couple of really good pictures I cannot and will not use them.

Thank you for the time, sorry for the fuss.

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