Thursday, January 25, 2007

Reality check

I know most of you are probably wondering why you actually spend time coming to the blog and reading about items that "I" think are interesting. Well, as of yesterday at least 4 or 5 of you have been coming regularly a few times a week. Kind of like an AA meeting, but with out having to admit you have a problem right...?

I have always been enamored by the ability of the Internet to be able to take you to another place. Yes, it's sort of an escape, but not really. I try, well usually, to write very personally. But sometimes, okay, most of the times, it short and concise. Not always very descriptive. The few times I expound, it's a rambling mess.


I love passing on links to blogs and pages that are usually related to organ donation. After all, that is my mission here at CausalEffect. Eventually, I am going to tag and label all my older posts so someone "new to the blog" can read about my experiences of my three days of appointments to see if I was a viable live liver donor. I say "new" with trepidation (?) because I know everyone is sharing the link here to the blog, right, RIGHT?

I refer to Becky a lot (her and her brother Joe (in Chi-town) are always linked in the column to the right). Ed is also permalinked.

Here is a link to Jill, who strangely enough is also from Chicago (where Joe lives). She had a liver transplant in May 2006. Follow the TinyURL below (or the link above) to the month of May when she had the transplant to see what she went through. I have read the whole months worth of entries, but I still want to share it. The full link is too long to post here so I am using TinyURL to create one. ((It's safe))

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